Why you need a website

In the world of Facebook, Instagram, Model Mayhem and others do models really need their own website?

…It’s a valid question; asked by many models.

The answer is yes – but not simply because it’s what we do and so we think you should get one.  It’s bigger than that:

  1. It lends legitimacy to you as a model: Don’t you take businesses more seriously if they have a website?  Do you find yourself questioning businesses that don’t? Same holds true for model employers looking for serious talent.
  2. Showcase your work with less distractions: Your work competes for the attention of your viewer among messages, news fees, advertising. Not to mention the slew of other models featured in the same place.  Feature your work without distractions on your own website. And, as a note, My Modeling Site doesn’t leverage ANY advertising on your websites!
  3. Organize your portfolio: Display your work in a way that works best for you, makes it easy for viewers to find the work that interests them and present only your best work.  This is more favorable than endless scrolling of years of images.
  4. Privacy: Have work you don’t want the whole world to see? Password protected content lets you share your more personal work with only qualified professionals.
  5. Control your brand: As a model you essentially own a small business.  Small businesses need to be able to control their brand to ensure and retain it’s value.  Having a website helps you better communicate who you are more completely than a single profile page can on a networking site.
  6. Marketing: Stay connected with your fans and clients and gives you opportunities to keep your face in front of employers.  A website serves as a great central place for all your social media avenues.  By integrating these into a website you increase your brand control and give prospective employers a holistic view of you, your work and personality.

Why choose us specifically?  …also a very fair question…

Since 2000 Jaze Companies has resourced and equipped models to be successful. We know what it’s like to be an independent model trying to break into the industry.  Our company, since the beginning, has provided models honest and fair support to develop their careers. So, in short, we get it.

My Modeling Site does all the work for you.  Building sites can be time-consuming and, if you’re not familiar with the process, can be confusing – even on some of the most consumer-driven platforms.  We know you make money by shooting – not by building websites.  We’ll take your content, build your site and get everything running for you.  Plus, if you do want to manage it yourself we’ll show you how.  If not, we’ll maintain it for you.

Focused on you: Jaze Companies has always invested in its clients.  We put our clients first – it’s why we’re in business.  It’s why we picked such a “generic” name and it’s why we don’t do any advertising on your website.  Your site’s about you, not about us.